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The Exhibition

The exhibition featured works of artists living in Japan as well as artists based in Berlin. A total number of 398 works, including hanging scrolls, ink wash paintings and calligraphy, were displayed.



Midissage "Kulturabend"

September 14th 2015 | 6.30pm

Guest of honor

Mr. Kei Iwabuchi
Department for Public Relations and Culture, Embassy of Japan in Germany

Ms. Petra Schwarz
Senate Chancellery Berlin, Division for International Relations

Ms. Katrin-Susanne Schmidt
Managing director (Geschäftsführerin) German-Japanese Society Berlin


French Horn Duett


Kumiko Okabo-Bormann & Aiko Christina Bormann (Soprano), Johannes Rudschies (Bariton), Kanako Nakagawa (Piano)

Dance Performance

Sato Chifune: Traditional Japanese Dance


September 14th 2015 | 8.45pm

Friendly get together with Japanese artists and artists of DJG, organized by DJG.


Restaurant Eosander | Spandauer Damm 3, 14059 Berlin

Workshop Katazome Hanga

September 13th 2015 | 5.00pm

Traditional Japanese stencil technique by Hiromu Ito.


More Impressions


Exhibition in Tokyo

April 18th – 21th 2016 | Tokyo
18th 11am-4pm | 19th, 20th 11am-6pm | 21th 11am-3pm 

The german artworks featured in the Art Festival 2015 will also be displayed in an upcoming exhibition in Tokyo in April 2016, which is curated and sponsored by Create IMS Tokyo.


Sumida Riverside Hall
1-23-20 Azumabashi | Sumida | Tokyo | 130-0001 | Japan